How does Private Chefs work?

Private Chefs allows you to enjoy the experience of having a private chef anywhere in the world. As a guest, you simply fill in the details of your event in an easy and dynamic way, and the best four local chefs interested will respond with a personalized menu and budget for you. Once you decide on a candidate based on their chef profile, menu proposal, and conversation, you can reserve the experience and the chef will take care of the rest.


Who is the team behind Private Chefs?

A multicultural team of passionate foodies with more than 30 countries on board! From concierges, to chefs, to technology experts, we all have one thing in common: a hunger to create another way of enjoying the dining scene.


How can I contact Private Chefs?

You can contact us through email,  info@privatechefsworld.com or directly through our chat box. Our concierge team will be more than happy to help you!


Guest Area

Who are the chefs?

Chefs with all kinds of backgrounds, experience, specialties, and services can be found on Private Chefs World! We have 2,500 chefs available to you in 30 countries with more than +500 destinations.


Why should I book a private chef?

Well, enjoying an unforgettable culinary experience without leaving the comfort of your home! Whether it is a dinner between friends, a romantic night in, or a family reunion, this experience is sure to exceed your expectations. Win the batch of “the best host” while getting pampered yourself and enjoying the night! Shopping, cooking, setting the table and cleaning-up afterwards are all taken care of for you.


What does the experience include?


  • Menu design
  • Transportation
  • Ingredients
  • Preparations and Table Service
  • Clean up

Any additional service (drinks, service staff, tableware) will be billed separately.

How can I hire a chef through Private Chefs?

The moment you arrive at our site you will encounter a big “start your journey” button. This will be the beginning of your journey towards personalizing your Private Chef experience! We will ask for specific characteristics of your event such as: location, date, cuisine preferences, etc… and once you have provided this info, chefs from your city will send you menus that fit what you are looking for. Nothing is set in stone! You can change details with your chef all throughout. Once you reserve your prefered chef, all there is left to do is wait and enjoy.

Just so you know, we will exchange your contact information with the chef as soon as you confirm a booking so that you both can stay in touch! In the meantime, we will hold the payment to the chef until the experience is over with the intention of protecting you from any last-minute cancellation or misunderstanding.


What happens if the chef cancels my booking?

It is very unlikely for this to happen, but in case it does, don’t worry! We will either refund you fully, or help you find a new chef and menu similar to the one you originally requested – as you prefer. For more detailed information about this subject please jump to our cancellation policy.


Cancellation Policy


All cancellations (no matter on whose behalf) should be communicated in written to the Private Chefs team at info@privatechefsworld.com


  1. a) Cancellation policy for guests.

When a guest cancels a reservation they are eligible for a refund under the following conditions:

  • Cancelling up to 45 days before the reservation date: The entire value of the experience will be reimbursed.
  • Cancelling between 30 and 44 days prior to the reservation: 50% of the experience value will be reimbursed.
  • Cancelling less than 30 days prior to the reservation: No refund applies.

Refunds may take between 3 to 5 business days to process! But do not worry, it will be on its way. If you have any questions or want additional information, please contact us info@privatechwfsworld.com


  1. b) Cancellation policy for chefs

As a Private Chefs Worldwide member, it is incredibly important to fulfill your commitments with each guest who decided to reserve your menu. We strongly advise against cancelling any reservations you previously accepted since these can cause a great inconvenience to the guests, you would have disqualified other chefs for no reason, and ultimately, affected the credibility of our website.

If you have no choice but to cancel a reservation, and not due to a reason of force majeure, you should be aware that you may incur on the following penalties:

In any case, please contact the guest as soon as possible to inform them of the cancellation, as well as the Take a Chef team info@privatechefsworld.com

  • Your ranking in search results when receiving service requests will be negatively affected.
  • There will be a 20% penalty on the next reservation.
  • Your calendar will not be available for the dates of the canceled reservation.
  • You are subject to expulsion from Private Chefs Worldwide if you cancel more than 2 reservations in a six-month period.


What happens if my client cancels the reservation?  

If a guest cancels a confirmed reservation, you will be informed and, as a chef, you will be entitled to receive one of the following compensations:

  • If your guest cancels up to 45 days before the experience: they will be entirely reimbursed
  • If your guest cancels between 30 and 44 days prior to the experience: you are entitled to 50% of the reservations’ value.
  • If your guest cancels with less than 30 days in advance: you are entitled to the entire coverage of the experience

What happens if the chef cancels my reservation?

It is very unlikely for this to happen, but in case it does, don’t worry! We will refund you fully, or help you find a new chef and menu similar to the one you originally requested if you prefer. You can also request a coupon with no expiration date, to enjoy another event from Private Chefs World at any given destination. *Please keep in mind that a reimbursement can take between 3-5 working days to process